Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ghabga Part II

Last night we celebrated three of our best freinds birthdays at The Ritz Carlton 5ayma. Everything was good, the place, the atmosphere, and the people, except for the food, totally the opposite of what I expected... But the gathering with the girls was lovely and soo much fun...

The participant of the previous Arab's Got Talent Bahraini singer Najma Abdulla performed there at the 5ayma, she was good mashallah, alot like Um Kulthoom's voice. Najma, is a winner of numerous awards, and she is widely known as the “Star of the East Gulf” for her renditions of Umm Kulthum’s classic songs, where she made a name for herself in the region as a gifted singer.

Here are few of the pictures that I took during the Ghabga...

And our local talented star "Najma Abdulla" =)

One of the birthday girls

Hope ya'll had a great weekend... xoxo
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