Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alwan 338

Few days ago, me and my cousin found out about Al Riwaq art space event called Alwan 338 , located in our favorite spot; Adliya. We had to check it out, and let me tell you this, it took us probably more than an hour in that stunning area. After every two steps we take, we get the chance to discover an interesting piece of art. There was a lovely cafe with a beautiful setting -Check out the pictures below-, it has a theater screen, and a stage for the bands to play their music and to showcase their beautiful talent. 

Check out some of the fantstic arts captured through my lens.


Books.. Anyone??

Garbage bins were transformed into plant pots

See what's hidden inside this full of bikes building in the pix below...

East is East, and West is West...

Bracelets from left to right: Horscope bracelet (Gemini) from Mimosa, Evil eye and pink bracelets are from Turkey, Rose Gold bracelet from Mimosa... The ring is from Carolina Herrera, and necklace is from Turkey

After our long day at the beautiful art gallery, we had to drink our favorite Crazy Vimto from Blaze Burgers

What Deena Wore:
Dress from H&M
Cardigan from Malaysia
Sandals from Dubai
Louis Vuitton Speedy
Ray-Ban Sunglasses

What I Wore:
Top from Zara
Pants from H&M
Bag from H&M
Necklace from Turkey

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoying the rest of it my lovely friends...

P.S: To check out more about Alwan 338 full program; Click Here .

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Never Ending Story

How are you my friends?? I am having a wonderful day so far, just cooked and ate lunch for me and my hubby -it was Chinese food-, and now I will go to the gym and burn some cals...

Anyway, I used to have this soul/jazz CD that my fave uncle bought for me long long time ago, it contains one of my favorite songs EVER... But this CD was lost somewhere between Qatar and Bahrain, I was soo sad about it. After a very long search in the internet -since I don't even know the name of the singer and the song's name- I finally found it today, it's (Baz - Never Ending Story)...

Check it out...

Oooohhh yeeeeah, I love the song and the music!!  

And while you are listening to this beautiful song, allow me to introduce you to my perfect cup of tea ingredients that soothes my mood everytime I have it:

Hope you’re all having a lovely Wednesday -Only one day's left for the freakin' weekend-... =)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Highlight of My Weekend

Last Friday was baby Yousif's outdoor birthday party, so I thought of sharing some of the pictures of that fun and dramatic day I had... Fun because there was a Tikka and BBQ after the birthday -And I loooove Tikka-, dramatic because  I was bit by mosquitoes all over my legs -You will know the reason by the end of this humble post-, and not only that, the spots they left were growing bigger and darker by the day!!! -So, yeah, I'm a bit of a drama queen when it comes to that extend-

Baby Layal with a cute Neon hair bow clip... I'm telling you guys, she got style... =D

Princess Snow White in the Jumping Castle... =p


The Smurfs chocolate Birthday Cake, from Lilou's

Yummy red velvet cake, also from Lilou's

Tikka time... =)

They also brought a persian bread baker -Khabbaz-, the kids went all crazy with the dough even the adults -I'm one of them-... xp

What I wore:

H&M Wide Top
H&M Basic Strips skirt
Top Shop flats with lace

A word of advice: Don't you ever think of wearing shorts or skirts in a BBQ or an outdoor garden party; I got more than 6 mosquito bites all over my legs!!! ='(

Have a good day everyone...

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Friday, March 23, 2012

You Blue Me Away

Yesterday I went out for a late lunch with my cousin Deena at HouseBoat -Asian Restaurant- in Amwaj, and let me tell u this guys; their food was soo good.

It was such a beautiful day, we couldn't help but to take advantage of it and have a little walk in this lovely weather. Oh and one more thing, we saw a Jelly fish, it's the first time in my life to see it float/ swim and had the chance to take lots of pictures of it -Highlight of my day-...

Can you spot my name -In Arabic- in one of the bracelets??

Yummy Yummy prawn cakes

Beef and broccoli with oyster sauce 

Chicken makhani and jasmin rice

Check out my shot to this jelly fish...

Colorful bubbly-like lights

What I wore:

Zara Top
Versace for H&M Scarf
New Look pants
H&M bag
Top Shop Flats
GOSH "OH MY GOSH" Black Polish

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Olivia Palermo for Marie Claire Spain

My fave fashion icon and the most stylish; Olivia Palermo looks breath-taking as always in Marie Claire Spain -April 2012- magazine...

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Look Inside My Bag!

Some of my followers asked me to post a picture of what's in my bag, since everyone seems to be doing one of these posts/videos on youtube, blogs, and tumblr. I thought of doing a quick post sharing with you  the contents of my bag.

I am currently using this beautiful bag that my mom recently got it for me as a gift, and ever since she gave it to me, I've been wearing it almost EVERYDAY. As you can see, the bag is big enough to accommodate all my stuff that I carry them on a daily basis and mooooore.

I normally wear a different bag every now and then, but the things in this post are pretty much the must have's in every bag I carry. Sometimes it get's soo heavy, because I carry with me my note book, a book that I read, food, and a 330ml bottle of water.

Inside you will find:

- Makeup case,
- Prada wallet,
- H&M coin purse,
- Sunglass pouch,
- A 330ml bottle of water,
- Perfume/ hair mist (J’adore Dior Hair Mist) -that I also use it as perfume-,
- Givenchy key chain for all of my house keys,
- Tic Tac/ gum/ and snack,
- iPod,
- Cupcakes notebook,
- Pen that has a yummy cupcake scent,
- My Blackberry,
- And not forgetting the shopping reciepts that I accumilate for a whole week and then toss them in the trash.

And here's what's inside my lovely leopard makeup case:

* Some of my necessary on the go makeup tools:

- Lipsticks and lip glosses,
- M.A.C Fleur Power Blush,
- M.A.C Plush Lash Mascara,
- Small two sided brush (Powder and Concealer brush),
- Sephora lip balm -Not shown in the pic above-,
- NIVEA Perfect Cover Concealer,

* Some of my necessary pills and medicines; (Panadol/Advil, Buscopan, Trachitol, Librax, eye drops "tears naturale", 4head stick, and band-aids)

* Others:

- Bobby pins, hair bobble and clips,
- Dove cucumber and green tea hand cream,
- Bath & Body Works scanitizer "Vanilla",
- Mini Miss Pucci sample perfume "MY FAVORITE",
- And a flash memory stick

Well, that's about it guys... Have a splendid weekend and talk to you later...

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Stop and Smell the Spring Flowers

What a beautiful sight, to be surrounded with all these beautiful bright flowers and their magnificent fragrance filling the entire house...

Yesterday was a successful Mother's Day, me and my sister went to our favorite florist "Singapore Flower", bought all the flowers needed and went to each and every beautiful mother we have -Wish mama was here in Bahrain-, we handed flowers to our two lovely grandmothers, and my hubby's sweet mother and grandmother. Not forgetting our beautiful aunties, we called and wished them a very Happy Mother's Day, to add up a smile on their pretty faces.

Flowers being sent to my hubby's granny... Ehm, excuse my ugly Arabic handwriting... =p

Hope you guys spent a lovely day with your mother and your loved ones... Have a lovely Thursday morning/ afternoon...

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