Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cafe Lilou Ramadan Gift

Yesterday, Cafe Lilou sent me a huge lovely basket filled with lots of Ramadan goodies called "Le Panier Ramadan"

They knocked on our door exactly 30 minutes before the maghrib prayer time, and it was this lovely big brown basket beautifully wrapped and a cute postcard on it. Me and my husband were soo excited to open it and see what's inside! And my oh my, the lovely basket, what's in the basket, and the lovely smell drove us insane. It was soo tempting, we wanted to taste everything but we couldn't, we had to wait till after iftar time. 

Inside the beautiful basket was; dried fruits, nuts and dried fruit loaf, mixed sweetened nuts, date swirl, and two cute jars of confiture (Raspberry and blueberry)...

The basket was beautifully wrapped with a cute postcard with my name and my blog's name on it. 

It was filled with so many yummy things, nicely gathered and presented

Raspberry and Blueberry confiture

My favorite; Date swirl with sesame.

This is what I fell in love with the most; nuts and dried fruits loaf that goes perfectly well with a warm cup of tea,,, *Heartwarming* <3

To order "Le Panier Ramadan" or for any other inquiries, you can call them on 00973 66345550, or visit their Facebook page (Here).

Thank you soo much Cafe Lilou for the generous Ramadan Gift, it really made our day!!! =D

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Tory Burch, Soon in Bahrain & Kuwait

I just received an exciting email...... Guess what???? 

Well, obviously from the title; Tory Burch is opening it's first boutique in Bahrain in September 2012. It will be situated on the first floor in Bahrain City CenterWhere the full Tory Burch collection will be available in the store, including ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes, small leather goods, eye-wear, and accessories.

After its huge success of its first store in the Middle East in Dubai, now it is time for our little island to have one too!! In addition to Bahrain, it will also open in Kuwait at the Avenues Phase III in September 2012.

The shop decor will be a typical Tory Burch's lifestyle concept, as if you were walking into a living room. The main signature brand elements will be incorporated in the store design, such as the following; orange lacquer doors, mirrored walls, white washed oak floors, and brass details.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Saffron by Jena 2

Yesterday me and my dear friends went to have Suhoor at the second branch of Saffron by Jena; Saffron 2. It is also located in Muharraq, not far from Saffron 1. The place is more spacious than the first one, with a mix feel of traditional and contemporary atmosphere. 

There was a set menu at the time we arrived, so they served us with various Bahraini traditional food. Everything was nicely presented, the food and flavors were impeccable, and the service was wonderful. 

The lovely alleys that leads to Saffron. I couldn't take proper pictures, due to our lovely humid weather, LOL...

Small shots of Laban before we start our feast...

Assorted yummy Suhoor...

Lots and lots of sweet for our dessert...

And before we leave the place, the waiter served us with small shots of refreshing rose drinks and sprinkles of rose water at the door... 

Saffron by Jena 2:

Twitter: @SaffronbyJena
Tel: 00973 13 623191

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blaze Burgers Ramadan Special

Yesterday, Blaze Burgers invited me and a number of bloggers to try out their Ramadan and Eid menu specials....

I was soo excited to meet the Blaze Burgers team, my fellow bloggers, and of course to try out their FOOD!!!

I love the idea of Blaze monthly specials, it keeps us guessing and anticipating, makes everyone excited to try out their coming specials...

As soon as the food and shakes came to our table, the sound of our cameras invaded the place, all of us started snapping pictures to post them in our blog, twitter, and instagram... =D

At the beginning, they served us some yummy appetizers.

Mushroom cheese bullets

Chips and dip. The dip was Blaze Burger's signature sauce (That will be available in the coming future insha'allah). Trust me guys, it was so soo gooood that I had to use it as a dip for everything I ate!! 

The Date rahash milkshake

Here comes THE BEST BURGERS IN THE WORLD, that's what it's called, and what it taste like too!!!

Here's how it looks after cutting it, mouth-watering and JUICY!!! Oh, and I forgot to mention that this burger will be served as Eid special!!!! YUMM!!

Maha from A Day In The Sand Box enjoying her Best burger in the world, and I don't blame her... 

Mini crunchy burgers with honey mustard sauce, it was heavenly...

*Sigh*, The Strawberry rose milkshake was literally indulgent!!

We ended the lovely gathering with this delightful dessert; Date crumble with ice cream and pistachios.

Had a very nice evening, thank you so much Blaze Burgers for the pleasant and lovely invitation, it was pleasure meeting the Blaze Burgers team...

Blaze Burgers: 

Located in Adliya behind coco's 
Phone: 00973 17 744773 
You can find Blaze Burgers on Twitter : @BlazeBurgers
Also on Facebook

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

مبارك عليكم الشهر

Ramadan Kareem to all of my wonderful readers, wishing you a blessed month...

مبارك عليكم الشهر وتقبل الله طاعتكم إن شاء الله  

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Mubrad Nail Spa

To all the people in Muharraq and all over our lovely little island, if you are looking for a luxorious nail spa and getting pampered, look no further. Mubrad Nail Spa is finally open in Busaiteen -Owned by two beautiful sisters. They have the latest nail products and a huge selection of nail polishes such as Ciate, Nail Station and OPI. 

Here are some photos from my visit to the place, such an inviting atmosphere where you can sit back, unwind, and enjoy getting pampered... 

For reservations or inquires, please call (+973)  77179771
Twitter Acct: @MubradNailSpa 

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Qura'an Bookmarks

Few weeks ago, I saw this interesting blog post from our dear blogger Bahrainipreneur about a young Bahraini graphic designer Hind Al-Ayadhy that designs beautiful Qura'an bookmarks. 

There are a variety of 12 pretty colors, and each bookmark costs BD 1.5. Behind this idea is a thoughtful cause; all the proceeds will be donated to the social campaign known as the (Child's Wish) to provide kids with Eid's new clothings and needs.

My order =D 

For more details and to place your orders: 

Email: hind.designs@live.com
Phone: 00973 33938932

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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Thought of The Day

“And love in your heart, wasn’t put there to stay… Love isn’t love, ’til you give it away.” - Oscar Hammerstein

Have a great Saturday everyone...


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Friday, July 06, 2012

I Spy With My Little Eye; A DIY

As I promised you all, this post is dedicated to most of you who asked me to write a DIY blog post about friendship bracelets (Here). Friendship bracelets are a huge trend this summer, they add a pop of color to your wrists -known as arm candy-, and I am soo obsessed with these cuties. 

After soo many tutorials on how to do them, I finally know how to make my very own friendship bracelet, yeppyyy!!!! And now, I am going to show you the DIY steps for the easiest friendship bracelet type; the Candy Stripes...

Here is a simple step by step picture tutorial on the classic easy candy stripes bracelets. And you will be needing the following:

Before we start, I have this little tip for you guys. When creating the knots -which you will see in the steps below-, try not to tighten it too strong or keep it very loose, it will either make the bracelet look curled or incompact!! Doing this lovely friendship bracelet needs practice until you perfect it. =)

For better results, use these kind of threads, as they are less fuzzy and better in terms of quality

Step 1:

To start with, cut 6 strands of embroidery threads at about 70 centimeters long each -any of your fave colors-Combine the threads and create a little loop -of an inch long- with a knot, as shown in the pic below. Then attach it to the clipboard.

Step 2:

Using your very left thread -Number 1 in the pic below-, bring it over thread No.2 and create the shape (4).

After creating the shape (4), bring thread No.1 behind strand No.2, and back to the front; creating a knot. Make the same knot TWICE over each thread, to create the pattern desired.

Step 3:

Continue doing  step 2 with the same thread -No.1- till you reach the last thread -No.6-. The first row is now complete!

Step 4:

When you're done with the first row, continue with the next color on your very left, which is now the outermost strand -thread No.2.-. Do the similar steps used in step 3, starting from thread No. 2 and so on untill your bracelet looks almost complete.

This is how your bracelet should look when all the rows are complete.

Step 5:

To support the rows and complete the bracelet, finish it with a little knot and two little braids.

Et Voila.. =)

And the rest of my very own friendship bracelets collection...

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend...

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Product Review - Bourjois Effet 3D Max Gloss

Hello everyone, 

I have recently received a little package with some goodies. It included two lovely lip glosses of fixing pomegranate extract from Bourjois cosmetics -one of my favorite makeup brands-, and the shades were; -No. 14- Rose Watery, and -No.11- Beige Mellow. 

This lipgloss claims to moisturize and stay in the lips for approx. 8 hours, and I seriously noticed the effect -but not for 8 straight hours, just for almost three to four hours-!! My lips were hydrated for long hours, where normally when I use other glosses, they tend to fade so quickly. I love the natural shimmery look it gives my lips, these are my favorite glosses so far.

The bottom line, these babies are moisturizing, adds the loveliest little shimmer to the lips, and most importantly; they wear well on me!!

Thank you Bourjois for such lovely creation... =D

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