Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Like Candy

Hi my lovies,,,

Ever since friendship bracelets been a huge trend this year, I was yearning to learn how to make my own from scratch! So, I googled lots and lots of tutorials on how to do an easy friendship bracelet. And to be honest with you guys, it's a piece of cake, you just need to focus a little bit and have lots of beautiful colorful threads -You can add beads, crystals, studs, and much more!!-...

I should probably do a DIY post on how to make your very own friendship bracelet!!! What do you guys think??!

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Saturday, June 02, 2012

To The "Maxi"mum

(Left to right); Deena in pink and white, me in yellow and turquoise
Today's post includes two highlights of this week; wearing my very first own maxi skirt, and I finally used my new Vanguard tripod in this lovely breezy weather.

I normally like to wear maxi dresses, as they require not much effort; I can just wear it, add a belt to it, and I'm ready to hit the road! On the other hand, I always find maxi skirts are a bit tricky for me! But when I first saw this turquoise-blue maxi skirt at new look, I had to try it out and make it work no matter what!! I know to most of you, it is just a normal combination of a top and a maxi skirt. But to me, it was really a big fuss to finally get myself to wear such a pretty maxi skirt!! 



What I wore:

Top from Mudo (Turkey)
Skirt from New Look (Turquoise)
Chanel earrings
DVF heels -Here-
Vogue sunglasses -Here- from Optica
Belt from Miss selfridge
Balenciaga bag

What Deena Wore:

Top from River Isand
Skirt from New Look (Pink)
Zara heels
Ray ban glasses
Belt from Massimo Dutti 
Hermes bracelet

Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend... xxx

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Heading To The Top

The complete post will be up soon, so stay tuned!!

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Friday, June 01, 2012

Join The Club

Part of my sunglasses collection that I recently wear a lot!! Including my new Vogue (On the right)

Hey guys, 

As you already know, I recently received this lovely gift from Bahrain Optica; a beautiful Vogue sunglasses -Here-. I have ditched my other glasses for this baby, and I'm afraid to say that it became one of my favorite sunnies so far!!

And to be honest with you, before getting this gift, I wasn't quiet aware of Vogue's eye-wear collections at all!! But now that I know of their existence, and seen most of their products and how they suit my face shape, I am falling deeply in love with this brand!!  

So, have you guys checked out Vogue eye-wear collections? If not, please see -Here- and you will know what I was talking about!

Enjoy your weekend... xxx

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