Sunday, March 10, 2013

Comeback of The Body Shop

The Body Shop celebrated its re-opening in Bahrain City Center branch last week. The Body Shop Pulse concept has a more welcoming atmosphere, brighter, friendly service, cute try me samples are all over the store but the best part is that they included mini tester pots to take samples of products that are hard to try in the store like shampoos and shower gels!!

The Body Shop have also introduced new product lines, such as the eau de toilette perfumes, and a lot of new body scrub and body butter varieties.

I here leave you with the pictures of the Body Shop Pulse event..

Caught Georgina from Blonde In Bahrain in action

 Mara from the Electric Fireflies testing the body butter

Amal from A Day In The Sandbox sniffing some of the Body Shop new perfumes collection

I was really excited and confused, don't know which body scrub scent is my favorite  all of them smell soo delicious!!!

I love this picture of Ashwathy from The Style Council, very playful!

My favorite products,,, Thank you so much The Body Shop for the lovely goodies and wonderful experience. <3

Don't forget to stop by on your way to City Center and check out the new face-lift of the Body Shop and their new products.

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Natural Goodness

Have you ever seen soaps that are so cute you just can’t imagine using?!

Well, I am happy to introduce Lave Affair to you my lovely readers! Artisan hand-made soaps and bath products  proudly made in Bahrain with the finest and most luxurious ingredients. But I gotta warn you guys; you are going to wish that you could just smell the images in this blog post, because they smell sooo deliciously good!!

Lave Affair products are all 100% natural. There are no harsh chemicals added, so you guys don't have to worry about chemicals adversely affecting your skin! Enriched with various natural essential oils and plants extract like olive oil, coconut oil, Almonds, honey and lavender extract to give the products their aroma and leaves your skin soft and glowing! Using natural soaps is a great way for cleaning your body that also leaves it soft and smell wonderful!

Dry skin is caused by many factors, including hot showers, frequent bathing, weather, central heating/ air conditioning, sun exposure, and harsh soaps. Lave Affair bath and body products has the wonderful quality of bringing back the moisture into the skin. It has the ability to cleanse without removing natural oils from  your skin that leaves it smooth and velvety...

My skin tends to be dry most of the time, especially in winter. After using some of Lave Affair soaps and body products, I just can't describe to you how soft my skin is now with less signs of dryness!!

From top to bottom: Lavender, Raspberry + Lemonade, Honey + Almond

The owners; Huda Hammoud and her husband Zulfiqar Naushad ventured into soap making several years ago. They both had a long history of dry and cracked skin and all commercial soaps and body washes were exacerbating the problem. During a trip to Lebanon, Huda tried some natural soap and found that her dry skin problem had reduced dramatically! And from that point, they both began their journey to search for natural solutions for their skin problems.

Huda was taught soap making by one of the premiere soap makers in Lebanon. Utilizing old-world natural soap recipes with new-world techniques and scents, and she has created virtual works of art for daily uses!

Lave Affair products made me look forward to jump into the shower and use their products to pamper myself and enjoy the beautiful fragrance! Wishing Lave Affair all the best and continuous growth in their soapy business. Very proud of you!! =)
Click here to browse Lave Affair website. They also have other social medias that you can check out their latest updates and offers in the links below...

Instagram: @LaveAffair

Have a bubbly weekend everyone! xo

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