Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend Randoms

Good afternoon loves!!

I took this past weekend off of blogging and texting -It was really difficult being away from these two-, but I had a wonderful weekend and thought of sharing it with you guys. Since we had this short holiday, me and my hubby stayed a couple of nights at The Ritz Carlton Hotel and Sofitel for a change... It was like our teeny weeny getaway, so here are some random photos of our little trip...

The Ritz Carlton Hotel

My hubby, flipping the menu to choose what to eat for lunch; Room service food is always perfect... <3

 Mozzarella cheese sticks for our starter, It was DELICIOUS <3

For my main course it was penne pasta with chicken and mushroom, my hubby had a burger with fries, both were sooooo gooood!!!

Beautiful Flamingos, couldn't take a better shot of them, cause it was early in the morning and most of them were asleep...

The beach

 I only took a picture of What I wore on the first day at the Ritz:
Zara Swan dress
Miss Selfridge elastic black belt with a gold shell

Time to sleep

Our 2nd destination was to Sofitel...

Some of my stuff

Our beautiful prestige bedroom

The balcony overlooking the beautiful view of the pool and beach

Their products were from L'OCCTTANE, the scent was lemony citrussy and very refreshing

Sofitel has this Moroccan designs that I really love 

 Macaroons, from the Macaroons shop they have in the lobby

 And ofcourse my favorite; Moroccan tea <3

 That day, the sky was filled with soo many tiny clouds, I had to take a picture of that. Very beautiful..
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Mahati said...

love ur post so amazing ..

Alla said...

Thank youuu habibtiiiii, I'm glad u liked it =D <3

whatevas said...

as always..

Alla said...

Whatevas: Thank you soo much for the lovely comment... =D

It's so SHOOSH said...

Love it <3

Rousse Roulette said...

Beautiful photos.

New post!

Alla said...

It's so SHOOSH: Thank you sweet heart =D

Rousse Roulette: Thanks alot sweety... ;)

What I Like said...

It seems to be a relaxing weekend :) Sofitel is amazing is it new ??

Alla said...

What I Like: It was a great relaxing weekend, and yes it is kinda new.. =D

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