Sunday, February 05, 2012

Make Me Crazy

Guyyyyys, I just received my Sigma brushes 2 days ago, FINALLY!!! I ordered them from almost two months ago, and I received an email saying that this order is prohibited in my country!! I was wondering why would such a lovely soft harmless brushes be illegal here?!! After a very long correspondences, it turned out that there was a mistake with the shipment and my babies are finally here and I could'nt be happier!!!

Just thought of sharing my happiness with you guys... =)

My beautiful brushes in my dressing table <3

Hope you guys had a lovely long weekend, cause I know I did!! ;)
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The July Bloom said...

I love Sigma brushes, they are the best, i got the Make Me Coral collection but all colors are lovely.

Alla said...

I agree with you... =D

maha said...

O my god!! I've been wanting to order them! Which collection do ur recommend Alaa ??

Alla said...

Maha: You should get them, I'm telling you they are amazing... Any of the Sigma brushes collection is perfect... =D

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