Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Time For A Good Time

My friend Mahati and the balloons... =D 

It's one of my best freind's birthday, and we decided to surprise her with a little picnic birthday gathering with our favorite mini cupcakes and some junk... She loved the surprise alot, but there was a teeny weeny problem ............... ; the weather decided to get windy all of a sudden!! I know that we should have checked the weather forecast beforehand... But other than that, it was perfectly funny and soo much fun at the same time, we laughed, froze, and baloons kept popping one at a time -LOOL-...

Most of the balloons flew and others got popped, even this last one... None of them survived from the wind... =p

Me and my favorite cuppy cake; Red Velvet... <3

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