Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sugar & Spice: One Year of Blogging

I know I am 3 days late for this post, but I am excited to share with you guys that on the 15th of February 2012, it was the date where Sugar and Spice turned one, so Happy Belated Birthday to my Baby Blog... =D

It's been a wonderful year for which I am grateful for, and I would like to thank all my lovely followers and readers for the continuous support, for all the time you spent leaving nice comments, for your visits, keeping in touch with me through emails and Twitter, etc... THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!

This blog has been my diary for my personal stuff, photography, beauty, health, food, fashion, etc -Totally Random Stuff-. I am used to adding posts to it almost regularly, I feel like there is something wrong if I don't add a new post for more than one week. One day while I was typing one of my posts, my laptop out of nowhere shut itself down and I wasn't able to re-open it, I got really upset and paranoid which ruined my mood for a whole day -but eventually I took it to the laptop's shop and got it fixed the same day-, yes guys I am that attached to it. Especially when I have found so many amazing people through my past year of blogging, and I even had the pleasure of meeting some of you.

The pictures below were taken in the garden in this beautiful weather, it's a teeny weeny birthday celebration with red velvet cupcakes...

Once again, thanks for everything. Oh and one more thing, there will be an exciting post coming your way which I know that you Girls will love, so stay tuned my lovelies... I have a feeling that this year will be even better inshallah...

Love you guys,


P.S: Here is what I wore:

What I wore:
ASOS shirt
River Island neon pink snood
TopShop jeans
Miss Selfridge flats
Electric blue nails by GOSH, OH MY GOSH mini nail polish collection
Versace for H&M bracelet

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Latifah Al Muraikhi said...

Congratulations on a fabulous year ! this post is so bright i love it !

It's so SHOOSH said...

awwww HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sugar & Spice <3 ...

inshallah this will be an amazing blogging year *YAY*

Alla said...

Latifa Al Muraikhi: Thank you so much sweeetyyy... =D <3

It's so SHOOSH: Hahaha thank youuu sooo much SHOOOOOSH...<3 Inshallah ya rab =D

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