Monday, May 14, 2012

Saffron by Jena

Last week, me and my gorgeous friend Ameena went to this lovely place called Saffron for breakfast -that we heard soo many good reviews about- located in the newly restored Souq Al Qaisariya in Muharraq. The cafe is realatively small, so the place was packed with lots of excited people that are waiting in line for their turn to enjoy and have a little feast from the various traditional Bahraini menu.

The place and the traditional decoration was really lovely, not forgetting about the Bahraini and other Arabic old songs that enhanced the whole atmosphere of the cafe. Good service, reasonable prices, and a yummy food that is nicely presented.

I highly recommend you to visit this cafe; as it has the old Bahraini tradition feel with great food and an amazing experience!! Try it and let me know what do you guys think... =)

Tel: 13 62 31 91
Twitter Acct: @SaffronbyJena
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The Stig said...

Been to that place last time I was in Bahrain..


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