Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My Week In Pictures - Part 2

Few days ago, I shared with you the first part of my week in pictures post (Here). This is the second part of some random pix of my week spent in the beautiful Doha with my family, nothing fancy but I hope you guys enjoy it.

Khubiz ergag with Nutella, and a mini 3egaili (  عقيلي ) form Souq Waqif

You know what that means........... Yupp, soaking up some sun time ☼

Mommy's yummy food *drool*

Lebanese food at La Cigale Hotel

Souq Waqif

My sis Bedoor, inside the Souq

Another beautiful angle of souq waqif


Took some souvenirs from mom

And more M&M'S for me and Bedoor on the plane back to our beloved Bahrain!!! I'm telling you guys, it's addictive!!!

Well, that's about it folks... Drinking my chamomile tea and will head to bed, very late today for my bed time... xx

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Latifah Al Muraikhi said...

Looks like you had a lovely time in doha .. I think I might actually miss it hahah .. where's your mother's shop ?

Alla said...

It's a home business sweets. You can contact her on: 00974 666 44 851
and ask her for any information you need =**

Anonymous said...

Where did you get ya blackberry case from?! It's so cute

Alla said...

Anon: Thanks sweets, It's from a local phone shop called 199 I guess.. =p Lots of other shops sell the same too that you can find them in malls.. =D

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