Monday, April 16, 2012

Well Hello Again Istanbul

The best lemonade on EARTH is at The House Restaurant

As most of you guys know that I am back from Turkey, and it was one unforgettable trip. I celebrated my birthday and 2nd year wedding anniversary there, and what a great place it is for this special day. I will leave you all with some of the pictures taken on the go in the magical Istanbul.. 

 The grand bazaar

My fave place that has the BEST kunafa is at Saray

 Oh myyy, pistachio ice cream... =')

 You can't visit Turkey without having some Turkish Coffee and yummy Turkish delights

The view from our room balcony 

 The House Cafe <3

The view from a local cafe in the mountain, before going on the telfric 

Went on a boat ride at the Bosphorus, and saw the famous house of Noor & Muhannad series, and ofcourse Layla & Gelnar's <3 ... Such a beautiful house

P.S: I didn't take my camera with me on this trip, so the quality of the pictures may not be as good as my baby...

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Fiona loves beautiful things said...


i was in Istanbul in january for a week and i just loved it!

great pictures
you have a great blog
if you want, let's follow each other

kisses from france

Alla said...

Fiona loves beautiful things: It is beautiful indeed! Thanks alot sweet heart =D
followed =*

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