Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Color Infatuation

Ahhh you guys, this season is one of my favorite seasons!! Lots of beautiful colors, I'm high on pastels now, and bye-bye dark colors!

That day, I spent breakfast and lunch with my sister. After having a yummy lunch from Cafe Lilou, me and my sister wanted to treat ourselves with a little sinful creamy McFlurry from McDonald's. Here are some snaps of the day and what we wore.


My sister, Bedoor

What I wore:

Top from Batik -Turkey-
Pants from Zara
Flats from Yargici -Turkey-

What my sis wore:

Top from Forever21
Pants from Zara
Shoes from Burberry
Scarf from Mavi -Turkey-

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Anonymous said...

I love the pastel colors:) great outfits.

Anonymous said...

Fun blog :) Can't wait to see more!


Anonymous said...

love both of the colourfull outfits!! nice blog, i follow you check mine if you want!!



Alla said...

naysdesires : I love love lovvve the pastel colors for this season!!! Thanks sweetss =*

SOPHIE: Thanks alot sweet heart... =D

Forever Celine: Thanks alooot sweety.I love your blog too!! =* followed

Royalty said...

I've got the same shoes, but in the minty/beige color!

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