Monday, April 02, 2012

Drip, Drip, Drop

Turkey 10 Days Weather Forecast... (Source)

I guess that's what they call it the little April Shower -Spring Rain-... As you guys know -If you're following me through Twitter "Here"-, I will be travelling on a mini vacation (For our Wedding Anniversary and my Birthday) on the 4th of April -Inshallah- to Turkey (Istanbul)... Because we love Turkey soo much, this is our second anniversary visit there, -See Here-. And no matter what the weather will be, we will enjoy it with every rain drop we get in our way... =D

I will be updating you guys on what we do whenever I get the chance, and if you have any lovely recomendations on new places for us to visit or restaurants, please mention it in the comment box below... Thanks alot and much appreciated... =*

See you my beautiful friends later...

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