Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Look Inside My Bag!

Some of my followers asked me to post a picture of what's in my bag, since everyone seems to be doing one of these posts/videos on youtube, blogs, and tumblr. I thought of doing a quick post sharing with you  the contents of my bag.

I am currently using this beautiful bag that my mom recently got it for me as a gift, and ever since she gave it to me, I've been wearing it almost EVERYDAY. As you can see, the bag is big enough to accommodate all my stuff that I carry them on a daily basis and mooooore.

I normally wear a different bag every now and then, but the things in this post are pretty much the must have's in every bag I carry. Sometimes it get's soo heavy, because I carry with me my note book, a book that I read, food, and a 330ml bottle of water.

Inside you will find:

- Makeup case,
- Prada wallet,
- H&M coin purse,
- Sunglass pouch,
- A 330ml bottle of water,
- Perfume/ hair mist (J’adore Dior Hair Mist) -that I also use it as perfume-,
- Givenchy key chain for all of my house keys,
- Tic Tac/ gum/ and snack,
- iPod,
- Cupcakes notebook,
- Pen that has a yummy cupcake scent,
- My Blackberry,
- And not forgetting the shopping reciepts that I accumilate for a whole week and then toss them in the trash.

And here's what's inside my lovely leopard makeup case:

* Some of my necessary on the go makeup tools:

- Lipsticks and lip glosses,
- M.A.C Fleur Power Blush,
- M.A.C Plush Lash Mascara,
- Small two sided brush (Powder and Concealer brush),
- Sephora lip balm -Not shown in the pic above-,
- NIVEA Perfect Cover Concealer,

* Some of my necessary pills and medicines; (Panadol/Advil, Buscopan, Trachitol, Librax, eye drops "tears naturale", 4head stick, and band-aids)

* Others:

- Bobby pins, hair bobble and clips,
- Dove cucumber and green tea hand cream,
- Bath & Body Works scanitizer "Vanilla",
- Mini Miss Pucci sample perfume "MY FAVORITE",
- And a flash memory stick

Well, that's about it guys... Have a splendid weekend and talk to you later...

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Anonymous said...

What's the brand of this bag?? looooove it and love your blog.

Anonymous said...

the brand of the bag pleas

Alla said...

Anon: Soo sorry for the late reply, It is from Lebanon, my mom bought it for me as a birthday gift.. I have no idea where she bought it from though... And thank you soo much for the lovely comments... =*

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