Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Highlight of My Weekend

Last Friday was baby Yousif's outdoor birthday party, so I thought of sharing some of the pictures of that fun and dramatic day I had... Fun because there was a Tikka and BBQ after the birthday -And I loooove Tikka-, dramatic because  I was bit by mosquitoes all over my legs -You will know the reason by the end of this humble post-, and not only that, the spots they left were growing bigger and darker by the day!!! -So, yeah, I'm a bit of a drama queen when it comes to that extend-

Baby Layal with a cute Neon hair bow clip... I'm telling you guys, she got style... =D

Princess Snow White in the Jumping Castle... =p


The Smurfs chocolate Birthday Cake, from Lilou's

Yummy red velvet cake, also from Lilou's

Tikka time... =)

They also brought a persian bread baker -Khabbaz-, the kids went all crazy with the dough even the adults -I'm one of them-... xp

What I wore:

H&M Wide Top
H&M Basic Strips skirt
Top Shop flats with lace

A word of advice: Don't you ever think of wearing shorts or skirts in a BBQ or an outdoor garden party; I got more than 6 mosquito bites all over my legs!!! ='(

Have a good day everyone...

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Latifah Al Muraikhi said...

The party looks really fun !!
I wore that exact outfit few months ago !! Only my skirt was long

Alla said...

Yesss it was soo much fun... Thankss sweets... =*

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