Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sisters Day ♥

As I'm drinking my green tea before my bed time, I will show you some photos of my day and how I spent it.

Since today at around 2 pm was the game for the England Premier's League between Arsenal and Blackburn, my husband wanted to watch it and have lunch with his cousins at home... So, me and my sister decided to have lunch at Le Chocolat, and then shopped at the City Center bought some stuff, and then we had to try this new place called T|Spoon.  

Anyway, here are the photos, feast your eyes. ☺

We had this yummy pizza, half of it was with zucchini and the other half was with cherry tomatoes, IT WAS SOOO DELICIOUS -The best Pizza EVER-.

Le Chocolat

 Our yummy lunch...♥

What I bought today...

From River Island

Beautiful metallic Top from River Island ♥

From Bath & Body Works

 Sweet Pea Home Fragrance

 Wallflowers Pluggable Home Fragrance Starter

Scented Candle "Sweet Pea"


My yummy Plum Crumble and my sister's cake...

Well, that's about it for today... Gotta sleep now... Good night...

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Confashion said...

omg!! I'm drolling while looking at the pizza photos! Where is this cafe located?! I have to visit it next time I'm in Bahrain!

Alla said...

Confashion: I knooow, it's soo gooood that's why I had to share it with you all <3... Le Chocolat Cafe Restaurant is located in Seef area, Kind of opposite Seef Mall, and order their pizza =) ...

Chick Flick Journal said...

The food looks really good<3

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