Friday, September 23, 2011

Pink & Glitter

My beautiful sister-in-law -I hate calling her that, I prefer sister-, so my beautiful sister Lilly went to the UK two days ago to finish her last year of her bachelor degree...  And now I miss her even though it's been only two days =(

Anyway, I just found out about this amazing technology called Skype -which I'm sure all of you are aware of this invention decades ago-, and so I downloaded it to my laptop, had a video call with my Lilly and made sure that she is alright and surrounded with her cute friends. This Skype thing is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family when they are abroad...

During the time Skype was being downloaded and installed in my laptop, I decided to color my nails with a lovely shade of pink and a lovely golden glittered nail polish just at the tip of my nails.

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Chick Flick Journal said...

Cute nails. Haven't seen soft colors mixed this way.

Seriously?! You don't know about skype?! Are you sure you're from earth?:P I was in a two year long distance relationship based on Skype!

When I talk to family they're always there.When I'm cooking, sleeping, studying, changing, everything I do Skype is always on:p

Enjoy your new discovery babe

Alla said...

Thank youuu sweety, I love nail polishes like crazy =D

Hahahaha, no I didn't know LOL... :$ Okay now I'm hiding my face *embarrassed*.

Oh yeah, now I know the importance of Skype, it's amazing.

Thanks sweet heart <3

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