Friday, September 16, 2011

My OPI Fall Picks

Texas Collection by OPI

My favorite collection; "Texas" by OPI. This collection is supposed to be for Spring/Summer 2011, but I am in love with the colors and thought that they are supposed to be my this year's fall must haves!!!

The colors that I will mostly be wearing for this fall will be listed as the following:

My OPI Fall Picks
  1. San Tan-Tonio
  2. It's Totally Fort Worth It
  3. Don't Mess With OPI
  4. Suzi Loves Cowboys
  5. Austin-Tatious Turquoise
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miya said...

I can consider myself as a nail polishes collector but i never wear them !! i feel like heavy hands while they're on :P

Alla said...

I'm a crazy nail polish collector, and I love applying and changing it everytime I get the chance, because it changes my mood and I feel that it enhances and completes my image/look. :$

Chick Flick Journal said...

pretty colorsss

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