Friday, December 30, 2011

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

This friday is the best friday EVER, not only we get to have a full house family gathering; my dad and beautiful sisters and little brother came to Bahrain -They live in Kuwait; Incase you are wondering-.

After lunch, me and my sisters went shopping in City Center. I bought 2 things only which shows in the pics below...

  From Sephora...

Sephora Colorful Eye Shadow Palette called Cocktail on the Beach 12. I will be using it for the New Year tommorrow inshallah along with the Primer that is mentioned below -woowhoo- =D

I finally bought eye shadow primer from Sephora, I've always wanted the Urban Decay's primer, sadly we don't have it here in Bahrain. Anyways, I thought to myself, why not buy a good primer from Bahrain!!? so I got this one from Sephora it's called 'Shadow Insurance -Lemon Drop-' from the brand 'Too Faced'... Will try it on tommorrow for the New Year's eve inshallah -Soo Excited- and will let you know in my coming post wether it's good or not ;)... The sales lady said it's one of the fast moving primers, it has a lemon tone to banish discoloration and ensures that the shadow won’t crease or fade.

Anyways, after the long shopping day, we went back to the hotel for dinner. And while I was checking out their rooms there, I saw this beautiful view in their balcony and had to take some pix...

I like blurring out the lights =D

Me... Looking at the lovely view, we can see almost all of Manama city's buildings and some of Muharraq's, very beautiful...

Last but not least, my hubby took my little bro Yaqoob to Toys"R"Us and bought him some of his favorite toys, and this is the one yaqoobii fell in love with.

He is soo excited, lol...  

I love him, soo adorable... <3

What we wore:

Well, only one of my sisters agreed to take a pic to be added in my blog, so it's only me and shosho... =D

First, my younger sis Shosho:

Burberry Jacket
Pull & Bear boots
Marc by Marc Jacobs Laptop case

Now, me...

H&M top
Zara pants
Louis Vuitton Speedy
American Eagle uggs

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend and a happy new year in advance... =D

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fionkafied said...

I've heard a lot about Too Faced's Shadow Insurance, let us know how you like it! Lovely pictures, glad you had a fun weekend :D

Alla said...

Fionkafied: yesss ofcourse I will let you know... =D
Thanks alooot... Hope your having a lovely weekend sweet heart... <3

Anonymous said...

Love the top from H&M <3 is it this season's collection?

zainab said...

Nice pictures<3
and Happy 2012 Alla! ;*

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