Saturday, December 10, 2011


A semi-carnival/exhibition was held in the Riffa Sports Club today, so I went with my friends to check it out... It was soo much fun, kinda reminded me of schools carnivals... They were selling lots of wonderful Bahraini accessorise, Jalabya, fashionable clothing & accessories, bukhoor, food, cotton candy, crepes, and much moooore. Additionaly, it had kids activities like face painting, jumping castle, little train, trampoline, and more.

I bought Oud for my granny... 

Bahrain Oath bracelet, and Bahrain flag pins and rings...

We also spotted Al Heraat Boutique in the exhibition, they have a wonderful collection of colorful Turbans and accessories. Here's some of their showcased stuff... I bought 2 Turbans... =D

Bahrain Turbans 

Ega'al bracelet...

To check out more of Al Heraat collection, Click Here.

 Yummy blue milk Sagow...

 Marshmallow and chocolate...

Cotton Candyyyy =)

Meee =p

Kids jumping =p

  The devil =p

What I wore:
Turban from Al Heraat Boutique
Zara top
Top Shop Jeans - 'Baxter'
American Eagle Ugg Boots
Elie Tahari Bag
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S3od said...

eshteheeet cotton candy walla !

Alla said...

hehhehe, eshawgooon =D

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