Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fruit & Yogurt For Dinner

My lightest and easiest dinner that I'm having tonight is; Fruit & Yogurt. What I normally do is Fruit Parfait, but since I'm out of granola, I made myself a parfait excluding the yummy granola part...

Here's what you'll need:

- I used 1 banana, and 1 small flat peach. -You can add berries and pineapple or any of your favorite fruit-
- Yogurt.
- Sweetener (Ex: Splenda)
- Optional: raisins + almonds + jam
- And ofcourse the granola, but I am out of it... =(


- Cut the fruit to small pieces.
- While you open the yogurt's lid, add to it the sweetener and mix very well.
- In a small bowl, Add the first layer; half the amount of the (fruits + raisins + almonds + jam + granola) followed by half of the yogurt.
- Then add the second batch of the same that you added in the first layer followed by the second half of the yogurt.
- Serve immediately to keep the granola crunchy...

And Happy Weekend my beautiful people... <3
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zainab said...

I love yogurt and I love to mix it with almost every thing!! thanks for sharing this.. gonna try it soon!

Alla said...

Zainab: Meee too... It's soo delicious, try it with the granola, sooo goood, and let me know if you like it =*

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