Thursday, November 17, 2011

Versace for H&M: Teaser

Just came back from the Versace for H&M launch in the City Center Bahrain. It was Crazzzzzyyyy!!!

Well, I didn't get anything from the manikins you see above, but I got some of the stuff that I also wanted from my previous post... And nooo, I didn't get the leather jacket I was dreaming of ='(

Anyways, I got many other goodies for myself that I will be posting them up later to you guys...

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S3od said...

colorful cute bags ;p lol malboos el 3afya mama

Alla said...

I knoooow... Wait till you see what's inside these lovely bags... ;)

Mashkooooor =D

LadyB said...

I soo wanted the fur vest by noo luck :'(
malboos el3afya ;)

Alla said...

Same here... =(
Soo many good stuff, but very difficult to get them lol... Allah i3afeech sweet heart... =D

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