Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nothing Like A Morning Jog

In this beautiful morning, I woke up bright and early at 7a.m and went jogging/walking with my sister. The weather was pretty cool and little bit windy with some clouds, it was a beautiful morning. We jogged/walked for about 45 minutes and as per my watch, I burnt almost 220 calories -I know, it's not much, but felt really great-, much better than the treadmill, especially with this perfect weather...

It's not a very clear picture, but here's what I wore:

Nike yellow T-shirt (Not clear in the pic at all =p)
American Eagle grey hoddie
Nike Tight Fit Women's Training Capris
Skechers Shape up Shoes
Beurer Sports Watch; Heart rate monitor + Calorie consumption in kcal + fat consumption

P.S: I will be posting some great running tips soon; maybe by next week, so check back often. =)
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S3od said...

the shoe that ur wearing is it that good ?! ;p .. i usually wear reebok's flix and the zigzag one for running.. :p

Alla said...

Yeesss, and I loove it... I was going to buy the reebok -the zigzag one-, but they didn't have my size -im5al9een =(-... But the one I have is soo comfy to run outdoors and indoors... =D

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