Monday, October 08, 2012

Winter, I'm So Excited!!

Hello my lovely readers, the last days of summer and sunshine are almost over, and I am not complaining at all!! In fact, I am welcoming winter with open arms! This collage explains to you some of the reasons of my deepest love to this slushy season! <3 

I generally love every season, but I have to say that winter is my favorite! To me, winter is the weather of coziness, laziness, enjoy staying outdoors, lot's of good comfort food, and enjoying the weather with a bit of style. I absolutely love winter!!!

Old readers and new readers, what's your fave season of the year and why? =)

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It's so SHOOSH said...

I LOOOOVE Fall/Winter <3 ,, the fashion is at its high in those seasons !!!
oh and the hot drinks yuum ,,,

Alla said...

I couldn't agree more =**

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