Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ramadan Tidbits

These are few photos taken last week when my mom came back to Bahrain for a little visit. There is nothing more heartwarming than spending the special month of Ramadan with your loved ones...

I love everything in this picture; my mom's soft hand, the Arabic coffee (Gahwa), and the Yummy Luqaimat

Happy Thursday!!

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Anceeta said...

I love the dress in the second picture. Where did you get it from?

maha said...

Love the Jalabeeyas. Can u tell us where u got urs from ?

Why Hello, I'm Alla said...

Anceeta: Thanks sweety, it is self-designed... =D Thanks for passing by xoxo

Mine is the first Jalabeeya, I got it from a girl in an exhibition last year

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