Monday, August 13, 2012

Ghabga Night at Bushra

This weekend, me and my girls went to Bushido restaurant to check out their Ramadan experience that's called Bushra at Bushido. The whole restaurant was totally transformed into this beautiful Arabian theme and atmosphere. 

We had such an amazing time with lots of laughter. Here are some quick photos taken that day...

The lovely sweet waiters... 

Me and my dear friend/blogger Maha from A Day in The Sandbox

Shahad is wearing this beautiful dress that she got from Jordan

The lovely Asma and her exquisite sense of style

My dear dear friend Ameena and her elegant self designed Jalabeeya

Lovely nail art done at Mubrad Nail Spa

P.S. Soo sorry for the bad bad bad quality of some of the photos, the place was utterly dark and my camera was not cooperating with me at all that day... =/

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