Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Product Review - Bourjois Effet 3D Max Gloss

Hello everyone, 

I have recently received a little package with some goodies. It included two lovely lip glosses of fixing pomegranate extract from Bourjois cosmetics -one of my favorite makeup brands-, and the shades were; -No. 14- Rose Watery, and -No.11- Beige Mellow. 

This lipgloss claims to moisturize and stay in the lips for approx. 8 hours, and I seriously noticed the effect -but not for 8 straight hours, just for almost three to four hours-!! My lips were hydrated for long hours, where normally when I use other glosses, they tend to fade so quickly. I love the natural shimmery look it gives my lips, these are my favorite glosses so far.

The bottom line, these babies are moisturizing, adds the loveliest little shimmer to the lips, and most importantly; they wear well on me!!

Thank you Bourjois for such lovely creation... =D

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