Friday, January 06, 2012

Karaoke Night

Birthday candles...

Last week we celebrated our friend's 25th birthday in a small cosy Filipino & Chinese restaurant called Hot Pot -Recomended by my lovely friends Maha & Amal- where we booked a room with a karaoke system and we sang the night away...

We added our group photo in the birthday cake... =)

The gifts... <3

Setting the camera for our group picture with my new tripod... =)

Me singing, and you know what? I was doing soo well, my heighest score was 99 LOL... I killed it that night Karaoke-ing... =p

Well this score was for singing Happy Birthday to our lovely friend... xD

At the end of the night, our princess was waving to everyone on her way to her car like a real princess.. We all had a wonderful time... <3

You can check out A Day In The Sandbox blog post here and find out more about our night... ;)

Have a lovely weekend beautiful people... <3

P.S: I was wearing Zara dark green dress... 
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Chick Flick Journal said...

Aww happy birthday to all of them. lovely idea of the cake although i didnt get the lols and hahas next to their names :p

i love karaoke. perfect for a birthday dinner. is Philippino food good?

cute dress btw. i love the quality of the pictures.

lovely post babe xx

zainab said...

that's a lovely cake! happy birthday to her! ;*

S3od said...

happy birthday to ur friend

o i bet it was awesomely fun :D !!

Alla said...

Chick Flick Journal: hehehe Thank youuu. The lol's and haha's means: whenever we send a bb message to our friend she mostly reply hahah or lol! =p

Yeaaaaah soo goood, it's sort of like chinese food...

Thank you sweet heart =D

Zainab: Thank youuuuu babes =***

S3od: Thank you S3od, yesss it was such an amazing night... =D

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